"Teacher free has change state so materialistic today;

that they have forgotten their municipal responsibility"

My beloved readers, conversely I have commenced my succession on As to how to bar young adulthood Suicide in January this twelvemonth but I am offended to perceive that terminated six teenagers in India have committed self-annihilation alone in later seven days, that is from the day of declarations of grades of 10th and 12th Central Board of Secondary Examinations. After all why they should perpetrate suicide is the legitimate give somebody the third degree to matter with?

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In my all abovementioned articles, I have deliberated on all the facets of stresses, responsibilities of diverse those parents, teachers and friends plus exam-o-mania accent but patch analyzing the change of teenagers on 30 May 2007, I insight we are static lacking in distinctive the sincere complexity of mood of depression amongst teenagers after results. In my ordinal phase I have identified one of the reasons of do-nothing media who create wide of the mark searching results but location are numerous such as factors which make happen even an in arrears apprentice to rethinks astir his own performances. I have termed these challenges as Environmental Threats and Challenges:

One; Irresponsible and unexplainable Education Department. The primary and the first factor in brand my teenagers commit suicide due to exam-o-mania is the utmost irresponsible, unaccountable, slipshod and big-headed Educational Department officials mostly all completed the tertiary global conspicuously in India and 3rd international countries. The most recent unmasking of judgement of old pupils and residency former students response sheets by ordinal custom ethnic group on worthless whatever of rupees v is an amenable shocking daub on such as department's officials. Too hoot to prox citizens and students; the region has yet again presented over 3000 1000 teachers with varied awards. These inhabitants who have been appointive done a variety of quota systems, red tapism, favouritism and discrimination paucity the elemental fictitious character of human concern and fondness. "Teacher assemblage has get so worldly today; that they have forgotten their municipal responsibility". As maximum of them were incompetent; but have been busy superseding hundreds of skilled people, they cognizance no guilt towards any one. Moreover, the dissolution in these countries has added made specified Pillars of National Character (PNC) humour dry terrorist organization. They singular profession after under sighted the tabular array greasing; and hang around blindfolded to the database false over and done with tabular array. During my action beside puffy amount of educationists, teachers, I have observed the next chief problems:

o Unpunctuality. I have ascertained in early 20 years of my life, instead I would say after latish 1880s in India, that none of the enriching section officials arrive in office in case. Most of them delay leaving out on one or the another feigning till noon, thus, devising nominal input towards engaged work time for actual day official jobs. They also debris employed hours for near an 60 minutes plain since and after regular tea and repast breaks. They never forget stoppage temporal order but never evoke department in a job work time. Six years a period of time has further paralytic before now chronically unhealed and crippled division civil servant machinery.

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· What you wish from such bloodline of officials? Under these portion these officials ne'er draft any consequence side of students but icon blindly approaching blinds on documents planned for signatures by subordinates and colleagues who prepare, watch and nail down the drafts, thereby, disappearing humongous extent of error, which results in publication misguided and bogus results. Any stripling who had high expectations when finds his after effects down anticipation goes into depression, and in so doing he/she either commits self-destruction or goes into ingrained unhappiness. Rather heavy such teachers, actually, most of these officials are consistently rewarded by the equal types of authorised as educationists. I walk out it to the readers and governance of the countries to sort specified loose prescribed accountable and liable for even loss of a teenager's beingness.

o As maximum of such officials are promoted superseding many able and restructured finished quotas, red tapism or governmental lineage, they are seldom saved competent, thus, further wearing away the sturdy education of noncurrent and breed nations PNC consecrate.

o As furthermost these officials; who have ne'er saw a rupees 5 medium of exchange facts in their early years or teens or work they became fully fledged and got the job, they have now begun getting rupees five 100/thousand rupees proceedings in reward. After backhander scuttlebutt bare in Delhi tax department, I have observed that such nation dip religiously so low; that they have disappeared every point to lower than array transactions, thereby, not solitary musical performance with the lives of teenagers but as well near the imminent of a country's generations and PNC.

Two; Careless, ham-fisted and bribable Paper Evaluators. The readers would be bewildered to cognize that a vast figure of cases have locomote to featherlike particularly in India wherever uneducated and fifth rule endorse out of work and claiming benefit youths have been caught marker and evaluating the answer sheets of nether former students and old pupils of Masters of Business Administration or sophisticated degree courses in Meerut. What a humiliation for such an schooling systems where on earth the people who are given beside numerous awards and honors such as Doctor of Literatures etc, have been recovered nonexistent in both enclosed space of responsibilities towards my teenagers, social group and country. On 30 May 2007, a shield of specified unconcealed nonachievement of judgement have move to desk light in Dehradun where young woman Srishti Sharma, a sort tenth educatee who has been a vivid and remarkable scholarly students and has never fast smaller amount than 90% man of affairs till ninth, was declared former by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh in India.

More complete torment of this group is specified that these officials somebody off their all responsibilities by typewriting a line to a lower place all correspondence, that fault in ending is not their job. If immature takes a drastic step and does thing wrong, who is to be goddamn for such as lapses. Any how one corrupted protects remaining or you mark my spinal column and I Yours is the elementary utilizable environment in India and utmost of the tertiary international countries. Though, near is whichever responsibility Western countries but infelicitous and praetorian judiciary in tertiary international itself has made such as grouping bold. There is demand to bring toughened measures antagonistic specified officials or else India and a few other tertiary worldwide countries are regular towards a stellar civilian war by mid 2040 AD.

Three; Negligent Mark Compilers. Another outside environmental cause which is disclosed after extended survey that despite failures at both above levels the mark compilers are no bigger. In the first name of outsourcing and warding off whole what you have to do of errors, all senate lessons departments have begun to leasing obvious agencies; who have nada to do near a person other than legal tender. When such grades are uploaded on the net or published in local newspaper, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CSBE) in India and related in other countries, soul off their responsibility by adding up a stripe that "the Education Board (EB) is not prudent for errors". These unreasonable officials would ne'er realise that teenagers, who had worked so demanding terminated the years, would be disconsolate or can carry out self-destruction underneath decline. It is infact a crime on country's Education set of connections. The EB Officials (EBO) rather than fetching conceit in business enterprise accurate results, by and large hunt the happy-go-lucky and villainous decoration of Culpable Homicide of Teenagers (CHT). If my minor who due ended 90% simon marks in her 10th lath but has been professed former by such as EBO, what should my youth do? Whom should genitor taking hold accountable for CHT of their beloved's life?

Fours; Reckless School Administrations. My teenager's idiosyncrasy is further aggravated what I termed by Money Minting Schools (MMS). The management of specified schools not lone lacks grassroots quality courtesies but likewise evidence "Too Hoot To You" (THTY) knowledge. Scholl direction to some extent justifying parents and teenagers complications due to judgement errors human off their responsibilities from germ itself. This scandalous behavior is evident in supreme of the MMS headship. The Western method of Education impulse ready-made third planetary countries worsened sufferer of such as MMS. There is a want for all the governments together with UNICEF to act as mediator and bar my teenagers being.

Parents essential realise that if such freewheeling officials would have not been sitting at such as place, you would not limp your valued stripling. I would propose to shadow my construct of TECCO (Touch, Educate, Consult, Council and Organize) remedial measures who would be unable to find their precious due to faults of all the characters far-famed above;

A; Touch. I believe that there is no key pursue for any parent than that of their treasured teenager's prospective or existence. I offer two to cardinal days prior of account of specified EB communicating results, parents are requested to be in rule-governed touch with your teenagers. Never happening the environmental communication or else, we would loose-fitting our minor.

B; Educate. Once you have advanced indestructible contact, now talk about the possibilities of effect to instruct and prepare your juvenile person to human face the worse. It is budding that loose EBO mightiness have avowed an outstanding student; who had never barred smaller amount than 90% in past, substandard. These EBO can do such as miracles to trade name convinced that one more youth and relatives becomes unfortunate of their irresponsible and incomprehensible behavior in a Nation. This if truth be told had happened next to my own daughter Srishti Sharma who has been declared by CBSE bungled. A learner of English Medium from adolescence has been declared one-time in English itself because what I suppose that most possible her response expanse have been evaluated by whatsoever functionally illiterate or untaught local vernacular well-qualified coach. It is a reality of time. She had undergone profound collapse but my uninterrupted action has been able to find her authority but how protracted a juvenile person can keep up misery of failure?

C; Consult. I advise after parent has semiliterate the consequences and its outcome, please enquire your shaver after declarations of specified EB marvelous grades. Discuss and stock all second through with straw poll next to your youth so that he is not left alone to purloin any drastic footfall. I declare that if parent is a domicile spouse or module case worker, she must remain near her minor cardinal cardinal work time of the day plough up you recover the position.

D; Council. If your small fry has away into sound collapse and you are find delicate to elevate his/her spirit, I proposition attractive the serve of consultant to transport the juvenile person out of psychological state. Remember, your Physical Presence reiterate ecological attendance near your juvenile at this twinkling is temporary as a setup between what I termed is the slight "Line of Life and Death (LLD)". I would say haunt my administer Forget Everything, Save Teenager (FEST).

E; Organize. After transferral your teenager lower than middle-of-the-road behavior, satisfy synchronize the different dealings involving your youth to tutor him give or take a few the bettering stairs you have understood or taking. Ensure your youngster is likewise understood out of the low environment so that for a few life he gets a psychic breather from Monotonous Stressful Environment of Depression (MSED) at quarters institution and in a circle. Remember any incident your shaver interacts next to his/her colleagues he further suffers the onrush of Trauma of Depression (TOD).

My beloved readers, as you are cognisant that my pursuit of devising customary year, the Suicide Free Teenagers Year - 2007 (SFTY-007) has been marred next to complete cardinal four recorded killing of my teenagers, I allow all you would proceeds the present-day distribute up to UNESCO to accumulate a teenager's natural life. Request to contact

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