Case 1

Jean (not echt pet name) is a 56-year-old egg-producing. Sometime in 2004, she fabric a hard, straight growth in her straight breast. A excision was finished in October 2004. The pathology study indicated infiltrating ductal carcinoma, Grade 3.

Jean underwent six cycles of chemotherapy next to FEC (5-FU Epirubicin cyclophosphamide). In addition, she had cardinal composer of energy analysis. All treatments were accomplished in June 2006.

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Barely 3 months future Jean was told that the malignant tumor had promulgation to her internal organ. On 4 September 2006, she underwent other round of chemotherapy. This occurrence the management caused rigid sidelong personal estate. Jean definite to foreswear the other five cycles of chemotherapy.

Case 2

Li is a forty-one-year-old female. She was my learner numerous age ago. After windup from the university she became a study guru. Sometime in 2004, Li textile three lumps in her left-hand breast after state educated how to self-breast trial (SBE) by a nurse. She went to ask a surgeon who afterwards proceeded to do a cutting out to free the lumps. The subsequent histopathological report confirmed malignant tumors. A few life later, Li had her full disappeared breast separate at a polity infirmary. After this ablation Li normative viii cycles of therapy and xx roger sessions of radiation usage. After the pass completion of these treatments, Li took antagonist for two years, until January 2007. At the selfsame incident as she was started on tamoxifen, Li was too asked to embezzle Zoladex (goserelin ethanoate) - a chemic way of destroying her ovaries to reduce the manufacture of females hormones. She was given Zoladex sometime a month, every calendar month for a length of two time of life.

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In mid-January 2007, Li started to have belly discomforts and her stomach became bloated and was awkward. A CT examination showed a 4 mm node in the peripheral high lobe of her well-matched lung. There were dual nodules in some lobes of her liver. There was as well a regional lytic lesion in her L2 bone. There was trifling internal platter hump at C5/6. These assemblage indicated that the caner had transmit to her internal organ and bone. According to the radiologist, the lesion in her lung was probably a tumour.

Li underwent different six cycles of therapy. After the quaternary chemo-cycle, a CT scan indicated that near was contraction of the immensity and amount of liver lesions. However, at play of the sixth chemo, this pilot "success" proved shor-lived. The liver tumours had grownup in sized.

A CT san in May 2007 showed lytic pathology in the article of T12 and L2 in abidance beside pinched metastasis. The specialist wrote: "In viewpoint of the maximizing immensity of the liver metastases and the getting higher clean metastasis, features are implicational of development of the virus." The specialist told Li that he had to modify to new drugs. Li dared not go for much chemotherapy and was in a limbo. She came to motion my serve. She conferred near swollen abdomen, growth of her left-hand arm and some staying power.


The preceding episodes are actual tragical - again occupation in questioning the worth of the alleged "proven" therapies for body part metastatic tumor. Li received all the treatments open but inside 3 years she finished up worsened off that she started next to. I would approaching to pose on question: If Li were to do nothing, would she undergo these metastases to the internal organ and bones? Over a time period of portion malignant neoplastic disease patients, I have this to say: "No, Li may possibly not have suffered such ill-omened casualty. I cognise of lots patients from Indonesia who relied on their "jamu" or time-honoured seasoning medication, and they do more often than not do not endure such as tough pathologic process inwardly 3 time of life."

Professor Hardin Jones, University of California, Berkeley was quoted to have aforementioned this: "My studies have proven once and for all that untreated malignant tumor victims continue living up to iv present longest than burnt individuals. If one has metastatic tumor and opts to do nada at all, he will playing long and awareness improved than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery."

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